Friday, July 8, 2016

Book Tag: Gravity Falls Book Tag

Something that the bookish community might not know about me, is that I love cartoons. I think they are so fun, and they are a great way to let your mind rewind.

I always go for some cartoons when I'm feeling down, or when I seriously want some good ol thoughtless (or maybe not?) entertainment!

Gravity Falls is one of my favorite cartoons of all time, coming in behind the original Teen Titians. 

This tag was created by the Booktube Channel Project Hardcover. I was not tagged, but I did tell her I was going to be doing this tag (over a year ago).

Dipper: The most determined and focused on their goal main character.

Gansey From the Raven Cycle Quartet <3
How could I not pick this little baby?!

Mabel: A side character you liked more than the main character.

Morpheous from the Splintered Trilogy. I honestly love him more than any character in the entire series, but that's beside the point.

Grunkle Stan: Favorite morally gray character.

Adelina from The Young Elites. She is such a dark character who knows right from wrong, but chooses to ignore it.

The Mystery Shack: Favorite fictional setting.

(am I allowed to pick something from the raven cycle again? no? okay)
I'm going with the faerie lands in ACOTAR. I can't wait to read ACMAF, so that I can officially say the night court because rhysand.

Soos: The most loyal character.

Seymour from the Thirst series. I read these back in middle school so my mind is a little fuzzy on all the details, but I clearly remember Seymour doing anything for Alisa regradless if he would be hurt in the process or not.

Wendy: A stereo-type defying female character.

Katniss Everdeen <3

The Journals: A book that deals with a lot of mystery.

The Mericless by Danielle Vega.

Bill Cipher: A villain you really loved.

Queen Levana form the Lunar Chronicles

Robbie: Least favorite romantic interest.

Jeb form the Splintered trilogy. He is literally the most blain and annoying character I've ever had a main character interact with.

Waddles: Favorite animal sidekick

My actual favorite sidekick is actually waddles because he is a precious baby, but since this is a book tag I'll try to stick to the bookish theme.

I know I'm not suppose to pick the raven cycle again, but Chainsaw ok <3 

Do you all like Gravity Falls? If so, do this tag!

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