Friday, August 5, 2016

my bookish tattoo // discussion (1)

I've always wanted tattoos because I've always loved the idea of having a beautiful piece of art on my skin at all times, but I've also been very wary. I've always had ideas, and a lot of those ideas have been tossed into the pit of terrible decisions.

I've known for a really long time that I want tattoos to represent me, and I've known for a while that I was planning on getting a stack of books. Originally, the idea was that the books would turn into birds, and it would include a quote. The tattoo was drawn out by a friend of mine, and I can honestly say that it was really big and not what I wanted.

I wanted big tattoos, and though my love for reading is a big part of my life, it isn't something I want plastered on my back. I wanted something simple and visible.

(day after)

Experience: I went into the shop as a walk in. I had called prior to make sure that there was someone would be able to tattoo me. When I walked in the guy who would do my tattoo was already drawing up my stack of books.

I showed him what I was kind of wanting, and I can honestly say that he made it even better than what I was wanting. I didn't expect for it to turn out as femine as it did, but it was exactly what I wanted. The entire time he made me feel comfortable, and he made me feel like I was more than a canvas to work on. The guy talked to me about my passions and dreams.

I highly recommend him.

Pain: On a 1-10 scale, I would give it a 3 towards the inner part of my arm and for some shading and 2 for the rest. I know a lot of people hate when people brag about their high pain tolerance, but I really do believe I have one. I also think this is because I am a burn victim and have felt much worse pain.

Tattoo: #1

Overall, I'm beyond happy with how my first tattoo has turned out. I have plenty of bookish tattoos planned for the future, so be sure to stay tuned for them. I hope you all are excited to go on this adventure with me.

Do you have any tattoos? If so, what are they?

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