Monday, August 8, 2016

Ensnared by A.G. Howard (The Splintered Trilogy #3)

Title: Ensnared

Author: A.G. Howard

Pages: 416 (hardcover)

Synopsis: "After surviving a disastrous battle at prom, Alyssa has embraced her madness and gained perspective. She’s determined to rescue her two worlds and the people and netherlings she loves. Even if it means challenging Queen Red to a final battle of wills and wiles . . . and even if the only way to Wonderland, now that the rabbit hole is closed, is through the looking-glass world—-a parallel dimension filled with mutated and sadistic netherling outcasts.

In the final installment of the Splintered trilogy, Alyssa and her dad journey into the heart of magic and mayhem in search of her mom and to set right all that’s gone wrong. Together with Jeb and Morpheus, they must salvage Wonderland from the decay and destruction that has ensnared it. But even if everyone succeeds and comes out alive, can they all truly have their happily ever after?" -Goodreads

I have been putting of the conclusion to the Splintered trilogy for over a year because I was afraid of what might happen and because sometimes I find A.G. Howard's writing to be a little dry in the beginning. Mostly because I knew what I wanted to happen.

So overall, I will say I am personally satisfied with this conclusions for a few reasons. 1.) the romance tied up in a unique and ultimately enjoyable way, 2.) the plot was full of action and adventure, and 3.) LIFE CLOCKS AND MAGICAL ART.

This book had such an epic and action filled ending that I didn't even notice I was nearing the end of the book until the action was finished. I found myself looking down to see I only have 30 pages left after the climax. During parts of the action filled scenes, I did find myself a little confused, but I quickly caught back up and got back into the groove of the story.

I also loved seeing Al and her dad travel through wonderland together.

As usual, I found the only character that really held my attention was my dear Morpheus, but I also really enjoyed Thomas, Al's dad. I have to admit that Jeb did go through a small amount of character growth but not really enough.

I want to quickly mention that the writing was really dry in the beginning, but i LOVE her style. Once I get into one of her books, I am hooked and cannot stop reading until I'm finished.

The ending was a weird one and it definitely stood out from the few conclusions I've read recently. I'm slightly torn because it feels like it was wrote to make everyone happy, but I still liked it.

overall I'm very content. I can't wait to read more from A.G. Howard.

Have you read the splintered trilogy? If so, what did you think of the epilogue?

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