Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Most Unlikable Characters // Top Five Wednesday

Top Five Wednesday is a weekly meme that was created by Lainey but is now hosted by Sam. The goodreads group houses all the topics and such. The Topic for this week is, top five most unlikeable characters.

This topic is perfect for me because I tend to dislike some pretty popular characters in books. I cannot wait to share them with you.

1.) Mary in The Forrest of Hands and Teeth (review)

A few words and phrases to describe Mary are:

  • Selfish
  • inconsiderate
  • annoying
  • blain
  • simple minded with no thoughts other than what boy # 2 from love triangle is doing and why he isn't with her at all times
I don't know who I dislike more, her or the other characters on this list. I don't think that I can say a good word about her.

2.) Anna in Anna and the French Kiss (review)

Word's cannot describe how much Anna got under my skin. She's a brat, she's selfish, and she's inconsiderate. She could care less that the person she likes has a girlfriend and will really stop at nothing to get him to like her back, and she's ungrateful to be going to school in Paris.

3.) Chaol Westfall in The Throne of Glass series (review for ToG & CoM)

I feel like the list was fun with Mary, so let us continue:
  • why do I care or better why should I
  • you have no personality
  • the only importance or skills from you that has left a lasting impression are your embarrassing broom closet scenes
I don't actually think Chaol exist because I honestly have no memory of anything important he has done. 

(I've only read the first two books please no spoilers)

4.) Delilah in Between the Lines (review)

Once again, can I say a few buzz words that make me dislike characters or make them unlikeable (in my opinion)?

Immature. Inconsiderate. Boring. Selfish (kind of)

I would rather pour hot wax on my face than read about her again

5.) Oskar Schell in Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close (review)

Unrealistic. Awkward (not in a normal way). Asks too many questions.

This kid was a genius, and not in the, "oh this kid is really smart and will probably be in the top of his class," kind of way. He is basically Einstein. He speaks like a 30 year old, and he acts like a 30 year old. I don't know what was more annoying, his wandering New York by himself as a 9 year old or the fact that his mother let him do it.

What are some characters that you find to be unlikeable?

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