Sunday, July 17, 2016

Cover2Cover Book Club // announcement

For the last month or so, one of my friends and I have been working very hard to create a bookclub so that we could find other people to read with.

So Sierra and I have started the Cover2Cover bookclub! There are still some kinks, but we are very proud of what we have created!

Cover2Cover Book Club is a book club that was formed on Goodreads. We are welcoming to all book bloggers, booktubers, or just general book lovers. There are no requirements to read with us other than to have a love for reading!

We encourage everyone to join our Goodreads group and follow our Twitter for updates and to connect with the rest of us. We plan on reading books from tons of different genres. The fun thing about our group is that we let the group pick the book. We have a poll that will pick our book for each month and you can write in your pick.

For our group, you can discuss with us in two ways.

1.) You can use the Goodread's discussion threads that are used for each new book we read. We have them broken up into chapter sections, that are spoiler zones.

2.) You can join our live Twitter chat where we will ask questions and respond to your thoughts. The twitter chats are at the end of the month, but are always announced one week in advance! These things are also announced on the official Cover2Cover BookClub twitter & our personal twitters as well. Our hashtag is #cover2coverbc

Along with the twitter chat for our book, we will also have non book specific twitter chats with a theme. These will take place on our Twitter. We do not have a theme for our first chat, but we are going to be doing it this Saturday (7/23).

Sierra is a college student majoring in Biology, Pre-Med. Despite being incredibly science oriented, she absolutely loves reading and writing still, and is a writer for her school newspaper. In addition to becoming an orthopedic surgeon, she hope to also be involved in journalism and/or the publishing business because they truly are her passions as well. She really loves music and Netflix too. Tumblr's pretty lit too.

Oh hi there. My name is Temecka, pronounced with a long e. I am just a girl with a love for the fictional world, and an unhealthy book-buying problem. I like long walks through the bookstore and play dates in the pool with my dog. I'm an editor and freelance reporter with dreams of being on the front page of The New York Times.

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