Sunday, May 29, 2016

TBR: Books Series I Own But Haven't Started

So as I sit in my pile of shame... just kidding I have no shame with my TBR.

I am here to share the book series that I have sitting on my shelves, and I have not started. These books are parts of series that I have never started. This is something that I've been wanting to do for a while because I know that I have a lot of books on my TBR that I've not touched, and I have a lot of series on my shelves that I have also not touched. I'm really hesitant to start some of these series until I have finished some of the others that I already have.

Some of these series have been sitting on my shelves much longer than others (Not a Drop to Drink, Miss Peregrines, Red Rising), but the reason that I have put off starting some of these series has been because I have found that I never finish series. I think that my problem with this is that once I start a series, I never want the story to end and I want to hang on to the characters I've grown attached to forever.

Now, as I am actively trying to finish up series that I have started, I have noticed that I find starting more series has caused me more stress than before. I have found myself thinking about how I need to finish up some of these series before I allow myself to dive into some of these others. I think this steams from me needing to feel a sense of accomplishment, but this rule that I have set for myself when starting new series does not include the series was released that year.

I find myself going back on this double standard because though I want to read all the books and series that I have on my shelves, I also do not want to limit myself to never reading any books that I have had my eye on either. I think that my lack of reading over the last few years has created my game of catch up to be a back and forth and endless battle against time (Alice Through the Looking Glass reference anyone??).

I wanted to share some of my unread series that I have not started because I am looking forward to reading these books, but I also am looking forward to completing some series I have already started. How many series do you have on your TBR that you haven't started yet?

1.) Red Rising Trilogy
2.) Cormoran Strikes series
3.) Not A Drop To Drink Duology
4.) Firstlife series
5.) Trail By Fire Duology
6.) Across the Universe Trilogy
7.) The Forrest of Hands and Teeth series
8.) Fire and Thorns Trilogy
9.) The Archived Trilogy
10.) The Nightmare Affair series
11.) You Duology
12.) Falling Kingdoms series
13.) Illuminae series
14.) The Diviners series
15.) Passenger duology
16.) Magnus Chase
17.) Snow like Ashes Trilogy
18.) Miss Peregrines Trilogy


  1. I tried to read "Red Rising"... yeah that didn't go so well. "Illuminae was really good, but I don't know if I want to read the sequel because it's a whole new set of characters. I really enjoyed "You". It was unlike anything I have ever read. The sequel wasn't that good though, like it was really fucked up, even for me, and I can handle a lot of fucked up shit. I also believe that "You" is going to be a trilogy, at least that's what I've heard and that's the vibe the last book gave me.

    1. Yeah when I tried to read Red Rising, I wasn't really that into it. I hope that I can read it soon and enjoy it, but I'm not exactly sure if i will interested soon. You is on my summer reading list, so I'm very excited!

  2. I need to read the miss Peregrine's series soon! The movie looks absolutely amazing, but I definitely want to get a feel of the book first. Is the You duology you're talking about Me Before You? I really wanted to read it but then it got spoiled for me so now I'm not too sure :(

    1. I meant "You" by Caroline Kepnes. I've been told that it isn't a duology, and that it will be a longer series. I'm really out off my the Me Before You Duology. I really want to watch the movie though!
      I'm planning on reading Miss Peregrines with Sierra this month, so I'll let you know how I feel!

  3. I really do recommend The Diviners tho!!! Both books are so well written and the plot is so different from your usual YA plot. Plus the characters are diverse and well-developed.

    I also read The Archived not too log ago and I really loved it. The concept is very unique, not surprised though. Victoria Schwab is a queen.

    - Camila -

    1. IM SO EXCITED FOR THEM. But I'm just so scared to pick up the diviners because of the size And because I'm afraid the next book will just get pushed off like the sequel did.