Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday: 2016 Resolutions

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme created by The broke and the Bookish. This weeks topic is top ten bookish resolutions for 2016. I have already did my 2016 goals, but I have a few things I would like to better in 2016.

1.) Read at least 400 pages per week
This may seem like a small thing to accomplish in 2016, but 400 pages could either be one or two books in that week. I want to read 75 in 2016, so I have to make sure to make time for reading.

2.) Read at least 5 new releases
I want to start reading books before the hype around them grows to large. I know that I would have liked Red Queen so much better if I would have read it in the month it came out, rather than waiting until June to read it.

3.) Read only books I'm excited for
I have this tendency to read books that I'm not excited for or interested in because people pressure me into it. I want to decide to read things because its what I want, but not because everyone else wants me to.

4.) Read at least 5 adult books in 2016
I read Horrorstor in 2015, and I loved it. This made me want to pick up more adult books in 2016 and really push myself into more books that I know I would enjoy. Maybe this will also help me jump more into other genres like high fantasy.

5.) Read more from other genres
I am tired of reading only contemporary because you can only get so many adventures from the standard contemporary novel. I loved them, but I need more in my reading life that I'm not getting.

6.) Read a book from every letter in the alphabet
This one needs a little explaining. For this I want to read a book that begins with very letter in the alphabet. Example: Coldest Girl in Cold Town is C. For titles with "The" and "a" the second word will be what goes under that letter.

7.) Read one Volume of Grim Fairy Tales
I own both of these in the pretty word cloud editions. I need to get through one of them because I really enjoyed what I've read so far.

8.) Use the library more
As much as I love buying beautiful books, I hate the price of them. I want to use my school library to start reading graphic novels because I can't justify spending so much money on them anymore.

9.) Declutter my collection
I have a lot of books I bought because they were really cheap and I know I'm never going to read them. I want to clean out my collection for books that I actually want to read and will enjoy.

10.) Review 50% of the books I read
This doesn't count graphic novels, but I would like to review at least half of the books I read. As long I am writing what I liked and what I didn't like in those reviews it I will be happy.


  1. I need to do some of these too. Good luck on all of these goals! :D

  2. I am hoping to get new a new bookshelf soon. I will definitely be re-organizing. Great resolutions, Temecka. Thank you for stopping by. :)

    1. Thanks! You're welcome! I want to get a new one, but I don't have the space right now.

  3. I really need to declutter my books too.
    And yay for using the library more! 3/4 of my reading comes from library books :)

    1. I'm excited to try it out! I did read 2 books from the library last year! I want to read all of The Walking Dead graphic novels (:

  4. Good luck in completing all your resolutions for 2016!
    My TTT: https://jjbookblog.wordpress.com/2016/01/05/top-ten-tuesday-38/

  5. Using the library more is one of my resolutions too. It feels so good to buy an armful of books, but I hate myself for it later! Right now my book money is being poured into textbooks, unfortunately.

    1. Sorry it took so long to reply. I just saw this. Me too! I just had to purchase a $130 external hard drive for 2 of my classes so I'm really feeling some pressure -.-'