Monday, August 22, 2016

Bring me to Life by Nicole Thorn

Title: Bring me to Life

Author: Nicole Thorn

Pages: 498 (ebook)

Synopsis: "Anastasia wanted to be a witch. One of her friends even found a spell to give her magic. But before the spell is over, Anastasia dies. She wakes up in Hell, having to serve a purgatory sentence for her crime.

When Anastasia is suddenly ripped out of Hell and brought topside, Ezra, a demon working for Lucifer, is told to send her soul down below. When he finds her, there are questions that must be answered. He decides to keep her alive until he knows her friends won’t resurrect her again.

While he still has Anastasia, he’s sent on another assignment. They have to work together to stop a murderer. But as she and Ezra grow closer, the decision to get away from him becomes harder. To save her life and find out the truth behind her death, she must leave the only person who has made her ever feel alive." -Goodreads

*I was sent a copy in exchange for an honest review

This book caught my eye with the interesting premise, and because I am a sucker for paranormal elements, I snagged the copy when the chance arose.

I had quite a few problems with this book as a whole, but I still found it to be an enjoyable and quick read. The story is something that you can pick up, and become invested in without really thinking about what is happening.

Some of the problems I had with the book were how the story felt like too much was going on. It felt like the author had crammed so many ideas into this one short book, that she had to rush through what she wanted to expand on and what she didn't. It got pretty confusing at times when you were thinking the overall story was finished, and then there was another story that was the actual overall story, and you've really just finished the secondary plot.

The characters had some inconsistencies that got under my skin. The main character started the story as one person and ended as another with little development to showcase her progress. The character of lucifer/Satan started the story as evil and ended the story as a causal character who really didn't care about the original mission. The the friendships in the book felt nonexistent.

The main issue with characters I had was the love interest. The romance felt really unhealthy in the beginning, but as the book progressed changes were made. I feel like the relationship took an interesting turn and developed with healthier concerns within it.

Lastly, the writing was overly simplistic, but told the story that it was trying to tell. I didn't have a problem with the style of writing, but I did have a problem with the typos and mistakes that were found in the book. I'm not saying we are all perfect because I make tons of typos and mistakes but I try to change them when I catch them.

Reading these typos in the book was really annoying for me because this is suppose to be a piece of published work, and I found it very distracting when I started to count the mistakes.

I don't want you to think I hated this book because I didn't. I had problems with the way the author executed the story. It was fun and thoughtless. It is quick entertainment if you are interested in story of its caliber.

Have you read Bring me to Life?

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